i didn’t forget!

Just couldn’t prioritize recordkeeping this week, so I’ll catch up now. Even though week 2 is almost over, here’s how week 1 turned out:

Miles 23
Mon    5 slow (8:30-9:00)

Tue     rest

Wed    5 slow + strides

Thu   rest

Fri     4 slow + strides

Sat     long run | 8 steady (7:39-8:09)

Sun   rest

Mon   5 @ 8:40 avg

Tue     5 @ 8:27 avg, strides – :30|2:00|:30

Wed   rest

Thu    rest

Fri     long run | 8 @ 8:05 avg

Sat    4 @ 8:44 avg, strides – :30|2:00|:30|2:00|:30

Sun   rest

So far so good, and no complaints. An easy week. 😎

Kicked off week 2 on Monday with a very difficult 5 miles. It’s my own fault for not running in the morning (woke up with a vicious migraine that made me late for work though), and had to go out in the evening heat – 84º, even at almost 7pm. Took several mini breaks in the beginning (dizzy!) and ended up stopping at around 2.5 to walk for a half mile thinking I wasn’t going to finish the remainder, but was blessed with a second wind out of nowhere and finished the rest. My watch was paused during that walk break, so the whole thing wasn’t exactly seamless, but it got done…mostly. It was supposed to end with four strides that I wimped out on. The discomfort of this run was enough to really drive home that I HAVE to run in the morning when I know it’s supposed to be crazy hot later, and I’ll remember this run when my alarm’s screaming at 5:30am.

Avg Pace
Summary 43:34.8 5.00 8:42
1 8:43.8 1.00 8:44
2 8:39.3 1.00 8:39
3 9:01.3 1.00 9:01
4 8:27.9 1.00 8:28
5 8:38.9 1.00 8:39

Tuesday was a rest day, and Wednesday was a 6 mile tempo, the first tempo run of the cycle. What a clusterfuck THAT was. I don’t even know. If I’d done it like a normal person, it would have looked like:

1 mile @ 8:40-9:00
4 miles @7:20-7:39 (my fast pace)
1 mile @ 8:40-9:00

The reality was a complete mess. My first mistake was leaving my watch set to show the total average pace instead of the current lap (mile), so I had to pay attention to each mile and rely on feel throughout, and manically check for the lap pace alert. These are the splits, and I included the reaction I had to each alert.

Avg Pace
Summary 47:14.8 6.00 7:51
1 8:33.6 1.00 8:34 😒
2 7:57.3 1.00 7:57  😟
3 7:22.5 1.00 7:22  😅
4 7:11.6 1.00 7:12  😬
5 7:55.5 1.00 7:56  😤
6 8:05.2 1.00 8:05 😑

Something else to work on, obviously. To be fair, I’ve never really caught on to tempo runs so I’m used to just staying away from them altogether. But I’ll practice and get better and it’ll be fine.

Yesterday I rested (no more 3 rest day weeks after this one, *tear*), and today was 5 slow that I ran in the morning. I’d planned to tack on the forgone strides from Monday onto this one, but moved wayyyy too slow after waking up, so that didn’t happen (and I still feel terribly guilty about it!).

Avg Pace
Summary 42:14.6 5.00 8:27
1 8:19.6 1.00 8:19
2 8:31.9 1.00 8:32
3 8:50.0 1.00 8:50
4 8:21.2 1.00 8:21
5 8:10.4 1.00 8:11

Supposed to be run at an easy pace, but since I was making myself late for work I had to reluctantly pick it up. Maybe that can make up for those missing strides? #thelieswetellourselves


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